A Review of Healthcare Interiors

Excellent healthcare furniture and design in patient rooms is more important than ever as the healthcare industry grows more competitive. Patients may now choose from a wider range of providers to meet their healthcare needs. That’s why it’s so important to cultivate a setting that encourages out-of-the-ordinary results.

The care experience involves three main parties: the patient, the patient’s support system (including family and friends), and the carer. The best outcomes may be achieved when the design takes into account the demands of all involved parties.

Designing a Waiting Area That Puts Patients First

Maximize the impact of the waiting room on your patients. Aisles should be wide enough to allow wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistance devices, however this varies per institution and patient demographic. Make sure there are spaces specifically for wheelchairs in parking lots to avoid congestion and make patients feel less “in the way.” If there’s enough room, set up intimate sitting arrangements for families or those who like their own area. Anxiety may be reduced by using the flex back feature found on many guest chairs.

Coffee and water kiosks, as well as places to charge phones and other devices, are much appreciated by patients and their loved ones. A small children’s play area may help entertain the smallest visitors and ease the minds of their parents. Patients value being treated with respect above all else, so make sure there is a direct line of sight from the waiting area to the check-in desk. Don’t forget the little things, such magazine racks, TV mounts, and trash cans.

Repair and Tending

The real work of keeping your new space looking great starts after construction is complete. Before using disinfectants on your new furniture, make sure you read the care instructions and follow them to the letter. It’s safer for your patients and prolongs the furniture’s “like-new” appearance if you give it a last rinse with clean water after disinfecting. In high-traffic areas, for instance, protective wall and corner guards might be useful for keeping the paint in pristine condition.


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