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APT Medical’s AnyreachC™ & AnyreachP™ Guidewire: The Next Step in Cardiology

In the ever-evolving field of cardiology, advancements in medical technology are continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. APT Medical, a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical devices, introduces their latest breakthrough: the AnyreachC™ and AnyreachP™ Guidewire.

Superior Torque Control and Safety

The Anyreach PTCA guidewire features a Dual-Core and Core-to-Tip design that gives superior torque control and safety, making clinicians more confident in their clinical practice. The core-to-tip is flattened to enhance the tactile feedback and pushability, which offers superior torque control, safety, and shape retention. With the stainless steel support shaft, proximal stainless steel core with PTFE coating provides excellent pushability and rail support.

AnyreachC™ Series: The Perfect Combination

The AnyreachC™ series, C for Coil, provides real tactile feedback through its stainless steel coil, safe net, and Nitinol core combination, maximizing torqueability and safety. The different tip loads available make it an optimized choice for everyday practice, with tip loads of 0.3g/0.6g/1.0g.

AnyreachP™ Series: the smooth feel you wish for

The AnyreachP™ series, P for Polymer, features a smooth feel, with the polymer sleeve on the distal covered with hydrophilic coating for enhanced lubricity, providing excellent trackability and crossability in tortuous vessels. It has tip loads of 0.3g/0.6g/1.0g.CTO wires: 3.0g/6.0g


APT Medical’s AnyreachC™ & AnyreachP™ PTCA Guidewire series is one such innovation – providing superior torque control and safety in cardiology procedures. This revolutionary device is a pioneer for the healthcare industry, making it easier to perform procedures with accuracy and efficiency.

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