Autophix Car Diagnostic Scanner: A Professional and Convenient Device for Diagnosing Volkswagen Series Vehicles and OBDII Compliant Vehicles

The Autophix car diagnostic scanner is a reliable and user-friendly device that can diagnose Volkswagen series vehicles and other OBDII compliant vehicles with ease. By connecting to your smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth and using an app, the scanner can display diagnostic information and offer driving assistance. With the ability to read and clear fault codes and display live data, the Autophix scanner is equipped to help you maintain your vehicle’s health.


This diagnostic tool has several functions, including basic functions for VW vehicles such as displaying version information, reading and erasing fault codes, and reading data streams for engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, and instrument systems. It also has special functions for VW vehicles, such as performing service reset functions. Additionally, it offers OBDII functions like reading and erasing codes, showing data streams, and displaying vehicle information for all OBDII compliant vehicles.

The Autophix scanner supports all OBDII protocols (CAN, J1850PWM, J1850VPW, ISO9141, and KWP2000) and all VW diagnostic protocols (KWP1281, KWP 2000, TP-CAN, UDS). The menu is available in nine languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. You can update the device online to stay current with the latest technology and vehicle models.


The Autophix car diagnostic scanner is an excellent investment for any Volkswagen series vehicle owner. It provides fast and accurate diagnosis, helps prevent problems, and enhances driving performance. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, this scan tool is easy to use and a valuable addition to your toolkit. For more information on the Autophix car diagnostic scanner, please visit their website at

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