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Unleash the Power of Bidirectional DC: ActionPower’s Revolutionary Testing Solutions

There is a growing need for sophisticated testing solutions in the dynamic field of power electronics and energy storage systems. Leading supplier of energy management and power conversion solutions ActionPower has risen to the occasion with its innovative Bidirectional DC Power Supply, a game-changing instrument that is altering the way power engineers approach their validation and testing procedures.

Mastering the Art of Bidirectionality

At the core of ActionPower‘s Bidirectional DC Power Supply is the company’s innovative PRD series, which boasts unparalleled bidirectional capabilities. These state-of-the-art power supplies can seamlessly transition between source and load modes, enabling power engineers to simulate a wide range of real-world scenarios with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Unrivaled Dynamic Performance

The Bidirectional DC Power Supply from ActionPower is designed to deliver exceptional dynamic performance, with a rise time from 10% to 90% as fast as 318 μs – significantly faster than similar products on the market. Furthermore, during source-load conversion from -100% to 100%, the PRD series achieves smooth results with minimal overshoot in just 1 ms, ensuring that power engineers can confidently evaluate the behavior of their devices under the most demanding conditions.

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

ActionPower’s Bidirectional DC Power Supply is a versatile and comprehensive testing solution, capable of addressing a wide range of power electronics and energy storage applications. From battery chargers and electric vehicle (EV) systems to renewable energy inverters and grid-tied energy storage devices, this advanced power supply empowers power engineers to thoroughly evaluate the performance, reliability, and safety of their products.

Driving Innovation in Power Electronics

By providing power engineers with a cutting-edge Bidirectional DC Power Supply, ActionPower is playing a crucial role in driving innovation in the power electronics industry. This advanced testing solution enables power engineers to push the boundaries of power conversion and energy storage technologies, optimizing their designs and delivering more efficient, reliable, and sustainable products to the market.


ActionPower’s Bidirectional DC Power Supply is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of power electronics. By harnessing the power of bidirectionality and delivering unparalleled dynamic performance, ActionPower is empowering power engineers to unlock new levels of testing and validation capabilities. As the world continues to transition towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future, ActionPower’s Bidirectional DC Power Supply will undoubtedly be a key enabler in the development of the next generation of power conversion and energy storage technologies.

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