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A 5% Nicotine Flavorful Marvel

Embark on an exceptional vaping journey with the SMPO MESH NEX, a revolutionary creation by SMPO that promises an unparalleled sensory experience. With a dedication to delivering innovation and quality, SMPO introduces a 5% nicotine vape that combines advanced technology and delectable flavors.

Introducing SMPO MESH NEX

Prepare to indulge in a vaping masterpiece with the SMPO MESH NEX. This remarkable device is not just your ordinary disposable vape – it’s a 5% nicotine mesh coil wonder designed to ignite your senses. Crafted to perfection, the SMPO MESH NEX offers a pure aroma delivery, creating a vaping experience like no other. With its cutting-edge mesh coil technology, this disposable vape has the capacity to release over 1500 puffs, all powered by a robust 850mAh built-in battery.

Innovative Design for Smart Vaping

The SMPO MESH NEX stands out with its sophisticated design and thoughtful features. Equipped with an LED indicator discreetly located at the bottom, this device provides real-time feedback on your vaping status. The intelligently designed airflow enhances your vaping experience, ensuring a smooth and satisfying draw every time.

A Flavorful Symphony

Experience a symphony of flavors with SMPO MESH NEX. This exceptional disposable vape offers a selection of 7 tantalizing flavors, including Frozen Mango Berry, Strawberry Ice, Pink Lemon, Peach ICE, Lush Ice, Grape Ice, and Banana ICE. Whether you’re seeking a refreshing citrus burst or a tropical delight, SMPO MESH NEX has a flavor to suit your mood.


Unleash Your Senses with SMPO MESH NEX SMPO MESH NEX is not just a disposable vape; it’s an embodiment of innovation, flavor, and convenience. Elevate your vaping experience with the enchanting aroma and remarkable performance of the 5% nicotine SMPO MESH NEX. Trust in SMPO to redefine your vaping journey, delivering excellence and satisfaction in every puff.

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