A Guide for Starting Your Own Online School: 5 Steps

Modern technology has made online education a popular option. Online education is now a necessity. Online classes are now more popular than ever, and even recruiters consider online certifications to be more valid.

If you’ve been wanting to create an online education platform for some time, now is the perfect time. This is the best way to share your knowledge and skills with the online learning community. This 5-step guide will help you to start an online school. Well. Let’s get started.

Guide to Starting Your Own Online School

1. Define your purpose for launching an online school

After you’ve decided to start an online school, it is time to define the purpose of your online school. You could launch your online school if you are a teacher to help your students learn beyond the four walls. If you’re a business owner, your online school could be used to train your clients. Define your learning goals, business goals and teaching goals.

2. Make your courses and classes accessible

Online classes can be delivered in a variety of ways. Accessibility is just as important as the content. Your classes would not be accessible to learners if they were not able access them.

Accessibility is the student’s first contact with the class. This can be a page that links to the course or a landing page. It is important to make it easy for students and teachers to search online.

These options will make it easy for your students to access your online courses and classes.

Send an email to the class link

Embed the link to your website

Use the links to share on your social media platforms

Text the course and class links to us

3. These are the main features you should include in your online school

Many online learning platforms offer similar functions and features. These are the essential features online schools should have:

User profiles and account creation

Registering is crucial as it will be the first impression potential learners have when they visit your online school. Integrating social logins makes it easy to sign up. Users must be able, upon logging in to your platform to access their user-profiles or update personal information.


Create a dashboard that allows both learners and tutors to see information about online learning and teaching.

For students

You can track class enrollments, manage class-related tasks and process them. All key features are gathered in one place. You can take a lesson, view the course catalog, or quizzes.

For tutors

Schedule classes and post appointments.

Live online classes

Online classes can be beneficial because they offer the same learning experience as in a classroom. Live streaming APIs can be integrated so teachers can conduct individual or group classes in real time.

Admin dashboard

Integrate a powerful admin dashboard to manage content, revenue management, reviews, ratings and user management.


Online teaching is not complete without monitoring the performance of students. Integrate analytics allows teachers to track the performance of online classes and make any necessary adjustments.

Secure Payment Gateways

Online classes must be accessible from anywhere. Learners should be able pay online and purchase courses directly from your platform. It is important to include secure payment gateways in order to simplify the task.

4. You can use revenue-generating methods

If you’re able to monetize the online school correctly, it can make a lot of money.

These are proven revenue generation strategies that you can use in your online class to monetize and grow your business.

Classes for Free

It might seem strange that offering classes for free counts as a revenue strategy. You can offer your students free access to your learning platform when you’re just starting your online school. How do you make money then? Certificates can be purchased upon completion of each course.

Initial Charge

Online classes can be made more profitable by charging learners to take individual classes. This can be adapted to suit your needs. Learners will want to enroll in your classes if there are no long-term commitments.


After you have established yourself as an online school with a reputation for quality and are gaining more customers, you might consider offering subscription plans to them. You can offer a bundle of online classes that will keep learners coming back for more.

5. Building your online classroom

When building an online school, you must decide the best development method according to your requirements and goals. It is a complex process that can be both time-consuming and costly to create your online school. You might not have the budget to create your own online school if you are a beginner in the eLearning field. The most cost-effective way to get started in eLearning is to use online tutoring . This allows you to create a fully-fledged online school with your own customizations and add-ons.

You can launch your online school by creating your own tutoring software. This is a pre-made script that allows you to create your online school in just a few easy steps. Let’s say you need a recommendation for software. Pinlearn is the right choice for you if you are looking to create an online school that has all the necessary features to make it a success.

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Online schools have become the norm. More students are enrolling in online courses to learn new skills and acquire knowledge. You, as an educator, or eLearning company, can take advantage of the flexibility offered by online education to create your own school. It takes a lot of time, investment, and effort to start an online teaching business. If you love what you do, you can make a lot of money in the long-term. We hope you found this blog helpful in understanding the process of creating an online school and successfully launching it.

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