Badminton betting | How to play at  New88

Badminton betting is one of the popular sports at many bookmakers including  Neu88.

That’s because badminton is always the interest of many sports enthusiasts, so this type of betting is always favored. If you don’t know the fun of this type of bet, you should try it once.

What is badminton betting?

Badminton betting is one of the popular types of sports betting at online bookmakers.

Also similarFootball Betting This is the type of game where we will bet on the odds available from the house.

Those odds are analyzed by the bookmaker and included in the odds table 5-7 days before the match. If soccer betting is a king sport, badminton betting also has a lot of favor among gamers.

Each badminton match will have two types: singles or doubles, broken down further there will be men’s singles/doubles and women’s singles/doubles.

A badminton match will have 3 games with each game going until any team wins a score of 21.

For the badminton betting game, each side has twenty points, so one team needs to go up by 2 points to win.

It can be seen that badminton is one of the types of betting with extremely attractive odds and is not too difficult to participate in.

In particular, this form of play also has many other special offers and, as at  New88, it is provided by the world’s leading game manufacturers, so it is even more unique and worth playing.

Complete guide to playing badminton betting from A – Z

Badminton betting can be said to be extremely easy because this game is quite popular. However, when we first start, we still need to make sure we understand all the accompanying regulations.

(1) Game rules

When we play badminton online, the first and most important thing is the rules of the game. To be able to participate in badminton betting, you need to know the following game rules:

  • Badminton bets are only considered valid when the match has ended.
  • In a badminton game, if a player cannot participate for some reason, bets related to that player will be canceled.
  • Badminton betting matches will be canceled if the player has been disqualified.
  • In case the match time is shorter than the official match, the bet will be void.
  • In other cases when playing badminton betting, the match is only postponed, the previous bets will still be counted.

(2) Badminton betting odds

When participating in online badminton betting, we can choose for ourselves many different forms of betting. If you want to learn about badminton bets, you can refer to the information below:

Moneyline bets

The first badminton betting bet that we can play at  New88 is betting on who wins the match. This form of betting is considered quite easy and has many members participating.

Handicap Betting

Handicap bet is where the bookmaker will give a specific handicap for 2 players. We will predict which team will win based on that ratio, so sometimes if the favorite team wins, it is not certain that you will win because you do not meet the correct handicap.

Over/under bets

Over/under betting in badminton is quite easy to participate in, the rules are simple. Accordingly, the bookmaker  New88 will give the total score and the player only needs to bet on whether that total will be greater or less than the given bet.

The score was correct throughout the match

This is a very simple form of betting in which we will bet on an exact number, specifically the score and the winning player of the match in an entire match.

The house also offers scores with corresponding odds to make it easier for you to choose.

Odd/even bets

Odd/even betting is a simple form of betting where you predict whether the total score of the match is even or odd. This is also a shaking bet so you can find extremely attractive odds.

(3) How to calculate badminton betting money

When playing badminton betting online, we may be interested in how to calculate money to be effective. Below is how to calculate money when betting on badminton online that all bettors must understand.

For bets when playing badminton, if we win, we will receive an amount corresponding to:Winning amount = bet x odds of winning

Depending on the type of bet we bet on, we can easily know what the odds are. Meanwhile, if the bet loses, we will lose all our bets.

Instructions on how to bet badminton online at  New88

For professional bettors, entering the lobby and betting is not difficult, but as a rookie, you should spend 1 minute to learn these procedures.

In  New88, that is also greatly simplified to support players so you can easily do it.
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  • Step 1: Make sure to register New88 game portal Then log in when authorized.
  • Step 2: Deposit points from 200,000 – 200,000,000 VND to be converted into virtual currency in the game. =>How to recharge New88
  • Step 3: Monitor and choose your incentives.
  • Step 4: Go to sectionSport => Choose one of the suppliers => Choose Badminton.
  • Step 5: In the ongoing tournaments, select the match you are interested in => Find a suitable bet => Fill in the amount you want to play.
  • Step 6: After the system announces a successful bet, we can continue to place another bet or wait for the results when the match ends.

How to bet on badminton without losing

To have the most perfect game, in addition to mastering betting knowledge, you need a number of other important skills. And if you don’t know, it is:

  • The first badminton betting experience that we need to remember is to carefully learn information about the players before participating. Find out about their achievements as well as their playing history and playing style so you can easily make judgments about whether they have the ability to win or not.
  • Currently, there are many forums and groups sharing effective betting experiences, which will definitely help us. When we learn from them about how to bet on badminton effectively, we will have more effective judgment.
  • Stopping at the right time is also one of the effective ways when we participate in betting on online badminton games. We can choose to stop when we have lost many bets in a row or when we have won big. This helps us easily preserve capital and control the game.
  • Limit mixed bets because they require everyone to be correct to receive a reward, so it is very difficult to win.
  • When playing, you should only bet a maximum of 3 bet tickets to ensure you have enough time to analyze as well as enough capital to bet.
  • Always check the lottery using many different methods instead of betting based on emotions.
  • Take advantage of the house’s incentives to increase capital and also increase investment opportunities.
  • Always keep a calm mind. Most comfortable to predict correctly.
  • Learn how to recognize bookmaker bets.
  • You should know how to play badminton to judge the situation on the field better.
  • Follow the match closely so you can release the bet if necessary.

In addition, when participating in online badminton betting, we can also learn carefully about the rules of the game.

The rules of playing badminton online are not too difficult, so we can spend some time learning and researching to increase our chances of winning.

Q&A about badminton betting for those who don’t know

Playing badminton may be familiar, but betting is different, so if you have any concerns, you should find answers immediately. Here is the support for you.

(1) Is badminton betting difficult?

When we participate in playing badminton online, if you understand the rules of the game, you can easily win. So take the time to learn about the rules of the game before betting.

(2) In an online badminton match, how many games are there?

Normally, a badminton match will have three games and players have many corresponding bets during this time.

(3) Can I participate in many forms of betting in online badminton?

Bettors can freely choose their odds and the house does not limit the number of bets.

(4) Is the winning rate when participating in badminton betting high?

Depending on our experience and betting strategy, we will be able to ensure a winning rate when playing badminton online.

(5) What tips for playing badminton help bring about the ability to win?

When participating in online badminton betting, you need to learn carefully about the players to make an accurate judgment.

In general, there are many different tips to increase your winning percentage, but you should use them flexibly and update the latest methods.

If you play badminton betting, the above knowledge is the basis for a successful introduction.

Currently, this is one of the sports that is receiving a lot of attention from players at bookmaker  New88 and will make you unforgettable.

If you want to enjoy the thrill of waiting and winning, you should start now.

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