Bai Buu – Basic Rules and Playing Strategies for Beginners

Bai Buu has long become a familiar form of entertainment during festivals or Lunar New Year. Not only that, this game is also extremely loved by bettors because of the joy and thrill it brings. However, to win, understanding the rules and knowing how to play is not enough. Let Kubet casino help you accumulate a few more winning strategies and experience!

What is the Buu card game?

This game is a variation of Mau Binh, providing a unique card playing experience with simple rules and faster implementation. When participating, the task players need to pay attention to is to arrange 4 cards into strong links to win.

To start a game of Buu, only need the presence of at least 2 players. Each turn lasts less than 4 minutes, convenient for the entertainment needs of all audiences. However, it is difficult to have enough people for a complete offline table. That’s why card games started to become popular on online betting platforms.

Now, you can participate anytime, anywhere, anytime with enough people. To determine the winner, you have two options: compare your hand with the dealer’s or challenge all your opponents at the table to determine who is the best. Such a winning or losing mechanism makes the Buu card game even more attractive because of its highly competitive nature.

Learn the rules that apply in Buu

Participating in this game is much simpler than the traditional way of playing Binh Xap Xam card game. Specifically, players need to firmly grasp the following two main contents.

Basic rules

The Buu game will begin when the dealer deals 4 cards to each participant. At this point, you need to arrange them into 2 parts, each part contains 2 cards. After finishing the card stacking process, the dealer will begin to consider the point value and decide the winner or loser. 

The special thing about this game is the order of considering cards from the beginning first, then the tail. Therefore, bettors need to flexibly put strong cards first to increase their chances of winning. In addition, the Buu card game does not take into account the order of suits such as hearts, diamonds, diamonds or spades. So, you just need to focus on the connection between the cards to create the strongest hand.

Compare scores in the game

When betting on Buu, players need to pay attention to the card’s strength and weakness criteria. Below are some common card combinations in the game, arranged from high value to low.

  • Four of a Kind (Jackpot): Refers to a combination of 4 cards of equal value, for example four of 9, four of J. According to the high and low rule, four of A is considered the strongest in this game.
  • Jackpot: A term referring to the situation in which 4 cards have 3 of the same number. For example, a 4-card card combination includes 5 hearts, 5 diamonds, 5 spades and 10 hearts.
  • Jackpot: In this case, you have 4 cards of the same suit.
  • Pair: This is a term used in the case of 4 cards, 2 of which have the same value.
  • Attack: Among the 4 cards, any 2 cards of group J, Q, or K appear.

For those of you who own very bad cards – without any high value combinations, the score will be calculated similarly to when playing scratch cards. Specifically, you will calculate the total value of the two cards together and compare it with your opponent.

Basic Buu card playing strategies for beginners

Apply these strategies with confidence to optimize your chances of winning and ensure your card playing experience becomes more enjoyable.

Allocate your betting budget wisely

One of the most important things when playing the Buu card game is not to put all of your capital in a single game because this can create a big risk of losing. The appropriate solution is to divide the money you have into parts, only using one part at a time. In addition, remember that when betting on Jackpot, you need to consider carefully because the possibility of winning there is often very low.
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Choose a trustworthy Buu card playing address

Players need to choose reputable and legally recognized platforms. Kubet is confidently a typical example of a trustworthy playground, where you can bet safely and comfortably experience fair betting.

Be mentally stable when playing

Most cases of losing at Buu cards come from unstable psychological causes. Therefore, do not let yourself be attracted by the “risk a lot” strategies because that way of playing is not for beginners. The advice for you is to calmly analyze the odds of winning and place bets based on your knowledge.

Hopefully, the content is okay Bookmaker Kubet has helped you better understand the outstanding features of the Buu card and learn more winning strategies and secrets. Whether you are a new player or have experience, applying the knowledge in the lesson will help you control the game more smoothly, opening up many opportunities to receive rewards on the table. Don’t forget to continue improving your skills so that each hand becomes a valuable lesson.

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