Card Machine for Small Business – Top Ten Machines

The pandemic has impacted the whole world and society is moving digitally. More people are using contactless and card payment options to pay their bills, which is increasing demand for card machines.

Every small business should have a card machine in order to be able to pay their bills. We will be highlighting the top 10 small business card machines in this article.

Top 10 Small Business Card Machines

1. Square

This is the first portable card machine on this list, the Square card reader. It is small and can be used for many purposes. It can be used to process payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, Pin, Chip and Android Pay. To access the card machine, you will need to download the Square app. This is available for both Android users and IOS. You can track your sales and keep a record of transactions on the app. It is a great card machine for small businesses that accepts debit and credit cards.

2. Make payments

Small businesses often don’t have a clear vision of the future and investing in a card machine may seem expensive. They should consider taking payments, which is possible with a 12-month contract. This card machine can be rented starting at around PS10, minus taxes. The contract does not have a setup or shipping fee. However, you will need to cancel the contract before it ends if you do not wish to continue the contract term.

3. Click Here to Pay with PayPal

Paypal is one the most well-known online payment services providers in the UK. It has made improvements to its service over time and you can now use it for payments through a card machine. PayPal Here works with all major cards including Android Pay, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Although the transaction cost may be higher than other cards, PayPal Here is compatible with all major credit cards, including Android pay, Apple Pay, and Google pay. However, PayPal Here allows you to make contactless payments without any hassles.

4. SumUp 3G Printer

SumUp 3G and printer is another card machine small businesses can use. It also comes with a receipt printing device. SunUp 3G works with all types cards, pins and online payment apps. To make contactless payments, people can tap their cards. After you have made the payment, it will take approximately one to three business days for the money to be transferred to your bank. This excludes the transaction fee. To keep track of all your transactions, you will receive payment invoices each month.

5. Zettle Card Machine

Small business owners can set up a simple payment gateway that offers excellent services with the zettle machine. The versatility of the card machine is what makes it so popular. It can be used with many types of cards and other payment options. The zettle app handles the payment processing. It provides outstanding business services, such as linking the payment gateway to an e-commerce website and changing the scene to black or white as per your preference. To make payment, customers can choose to use a debit or credit card.

6. Shopify POS

Shopify POS is the cheapest card machine solution. The transaction fee is 1.7 %. This outstanding card machine is priced at PS7 per month, making it a good choice for those who just started their business.

7. Dojo

Payment sense introduced the dojo machine. It comes with a six-month contract period for anyone who is buying the machine for the first or second time. This makes it an attractive option for small businesses. Dojo Go charges minimum service fees starting at PS20-40, which everyone must pay even if the sale doesn’t happen. Although it is the most affordable card machine, it is well-suited for regular income. It can accept all types of payment options, including Samsung pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Android pay, as well as other card types.

8. MyPOS

MyPOS offers a variety of card machine readers, and it is the most widely used MyPOS Go. It is a new card machine that offers many features at an affordable price. It has a transaction rate of 1.7 percent, which is comparable to many small-business card machines. The card machine can accept gift cards and a variety of currencies. This card machine is compatible with all cards. You can also recharge your phone through the card machine, which is a very unique feature you won’t find in many UK card machines.

9. Barclaycard Anywhere

Barclaycard Anywhere card machines are mobile machines that use the same setup as PayPal or Worldpay. Small business owners will find it an excellent choice as it charges a transaction fee only 1.6 percent. Barclaycard anywhere can be used as a standard card machine, but it does not offer many features. This is the card machine that you should consider if you’re looking for a card-machine with a low transaction fee and that only functions as a card reader.

10. Worldpay Reader

Worldpay Reader is the last card machine that’s best for small businesses. Although it might be expensive, you can rent it for between 15 and 18 months. This card machine has the advantage of allowing you to take payments using Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay.

Wrap up

Here’s a list of the top 10 best card machines for small business. They are all affordable and have a low transaction fee. We hope that you find this article useful. If you agree, please share this article with your family and friends.

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