Corner kick odds | Instructions on how to play for new players

corner kick bet What is it and how can you grasp this bet quickly? Can it be applied immediately to soccer matches? This is a question asked by many people new to soccer betting. This article will help you understand more about betting, how to play and other options Football betting experience need to be proficient.

Learn what corner kicks are for newbies?

Another name for corner kick bet is a corner bet or some people call it more simply a corner bet.

This is a special type of bet where most online soccer bettors will not care about which team wins or loses and what the match score is.

Instead, they will pay attention to the number of corner kicks that both teams take in that match.

Normally, in a match there will be many factors related to corner odds such as which team will be the first to kick a free kick, which team will be the last to kick a free kick, during the match, how many kicks both teams have kicked…

And depending on the progress of the match, the bookies will offer different bets as well as indicate in advance what the reward rate is for that bet so players can bet.

If compared to other common types of bets such as handicap, 1 X 2 bet… then corner kick bet In fact, it is not a popular form of betting.

But in recent times, because the gameplay is simple and the payout rates at many bookmakers are so attractive, bettors have begun to pay more attention to this type of bet.

By learning about football matches and the teams participating in the match, players can boldly place this bet.

Especially for this type of bet, if you want to bet at any time of the match, it is accepted. As long as the betting portal is open, you can still bet money.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of corner kicks?

(1) Advantages of corner kicks

When playing corner kick bet Then players absolutely do not need to care too much about the outcome of the match.

The score of the match will not affect the result of the player’s corner bet.

Self corner kick betThere are also many bets with different rates for players to freely choose from.

Normally, the bookmaker will give the winner of corner bets a higher reward rate than other bets on the football match.

Players can place corner bets at many different times of the match. As long as you bet at the correct time specified by the house, if you win you will still receive a reward as usual.

Ratio corner kick bet At many different bookies, the value is different but is usually very high, from x1 to x100.

(2) Disadvantages of betting

The reward rate of this bet is quite high, but the reality is that not many people know or are interested in this type of bet.

Players must have solid knowledge about the teams participating in the match they bet on, so they can accurately bet on the outcome of the corner bet.

To be able to prevail in the process of playing corner odds, players need to understand the odds of soccer betting in general and how to calculate the odds for specific corner odds at the house where you bet.

There is no limit on when to bet on corner odds, so many players are busy watching the match’s progress and often miss out on an extremely attractive type of bet.

Types of potential corner kicks

(1) Over/under corner kicks for the entire match

When placing this bet, you can understand that only the final result of the match can be the basis for paying rewards to the winning or losing players. This bet is similar to regular football over/under bets.

When playing, you will bet Over or Under. If you bet Over, it means you think the total number of corners will be more than the number given by the house, or if you bet Under, you think the number of corners will be less than the number. bookmaker’s number.

In fact, bookmakers always organize full-match and first-half bets, so you can still play over-under corner kicks for only the first half to know the results early and receive rewards.

(2) Corner kick handicap for the whole match

This bet will depend on two main factors: the handicap team – the handicapped team and what the handicap rate of that match is for the upper and lower handicap team.

If you bet that the handicap team will take a corner, then if in that match the upper handicap team takes a corner and the lower handicap team does not take a corner, you will win and win according to the handicap of the upper handicap team – this ratio is clearly listed by the bookmaker. At the beginning of the match, calculate your bonus accordingly.

(3) 1×2  corner kick bet

Seeing the 1 x 2 bet, you can already partly imagine, the player will bet on the Win – Loss or Draw result of the match, the reward rate for the player will depend on the result of the match.

(4) Odd-even corner kick odds

For odd-even odds, the way to play is extremely simple, you just need to predict whether the total number of corners in the match will be even or odd and then place a bet.

For example, after the end of the match, if the total number of corners taken by both teams is 5, the person betting on Odd will win, the bonus will be the bet multiplied by the house’s bonus rate, the original bet. The player’s head remains intact.

(5) First corner bet

For corner kick bet The first thing you need to predict is to bet on which team will take the first corner kick of that soccer match.

(6) Final corner bet

Similar to the first corner bet, the last corner bet is a bet in which the player places a bet on the team that you think will be the team that takes the last corner kick in the match.

And because this is a random case, there are no rules but only depends on the team’s ability, so it is possible that the first corner and the last corner you bet on the two teams are the same.

(7) Next corner bet

This bet in English is also known as Next Corner, which means you will bet on the next team to see which team will take the next corner kick, regardless of which corner it is in the match.

That is, for example, in a match between teams A and B, the corner kick just taken in the match is team A, then play the next corner, you will predict whether team A or team B will take a free kick next. .

If you bet on team A to take another free kick and the result is correct, you will receive additional winnings, but if the result is that team B takes a free kick, you lose your bet on this bet.

(8) The bet has no corners

As its name suggests, then corner kick bet The house opens the gate for players to place bets, but there will not always be a team taking a free kick in the match.

Therefore, players can absolutely bet on No corner. And if you bet on this door, it means you refuse to play the types of bets just listed above.

How to view corner kick odds

When entering the Football betting interface, players only need to pay attention to the betting odds, if you see at the top of the odds table the corner kick bet, then look down at the match position you want to bet on, the odds in the corner odds column are what you need to pay attention to.

Usually, in order for betting to take place enthusiastically and attract many players, bookmakers will often let the odds of the two teams be different.

Thus, when placing a bet, you should also check in advance to see what percentage the team you are betting on will receive.

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How to calculate  corner kick bets

The way to calculate the bet amount for any corner bet is actually the same as most other types of bets you often encounter in soccer betting.

For example, if you play an odd-even corner bet and the house’s payout ratio is 0.85. You bet on Odd with an amount of 100 VND.

So if the match result has a total of 7 corners, then you are the winner of the bet and you win an amount of 100 VND x 0.85 = 85 VND, the original bet is returned, if you lose, you will lose the number. The money is 85 VND and the bet is not returned.

These calculations can be applied to all corner bets where the house opens a betting portal for players. Just pay attention to the bonus rate to be able to estimate the amount of money you will receive.

Instructions on how to participate in  corner kick betting at Hi88

  • Step 1: You go to the homepage of Nhà cái Hi88 and register for a betting account. Just provide basic information such as name and phone number to have an account for you to participate in entertainment at the house.
  • Step 2: To start betting, you need to proceed with the next step of depositing money into your account. Players can deposit money into their gaming account using a bank account or using Cryptocurrency to deposit Hi88.
  • Step 3: Go to the house’s homepage and click on the item Sport, there are many betting halls for you to choose from. Click on any lobby you like.
  • Step 4: In sports betting halls at bookmakers there are often many different sports, so you need to select Football so that the interface will display the betting table for you.
  • Step 5: At the betting interface, you will see odds tables of many tournaments, each tournament has many matches for you to choose from. In all matches, there is information about betting odds, odds…
  • Step 6: If you want to play corner kick bet Then just click on the reward rate of this bet and then enter the bet amount. Finally, click Place Bet to participate.
  • Step 7: After the match has a result, you will receive a bonus if you win the bet. If the bet is deducted, it can be understood that you were not lucky enough to win the bet.

Tips for predicting corner kicks you will need

To be able to bet confidently corner kick bet, players need to carefully learn about the strength of the teams. Matches near the time of betting should also be looked at for reference, thereby understanding the number of corner kicks of the teams in the matches.

There are many cases where teams that face each other will meet again in different tournaments, so players can refer to the results of the previous match to bet on the number of possible corners.

You should clearly grasp the real situation of the teams you are about to bet on, and you should also know more about the playing style of the teams.

If a team tends to attack more, the possibility of scoring corner kicks is also higher than teams that mainly defend.

In addition, players should also bet on teams playing at home. Basically, when betting on soccer, no matter what the bet is, people will prioritize betting on the home team. And stay corner kick bet is no exception, the away team usually has less advantage.


So this article has provided you with a comprehensive overview, helping you both get acquainted and understand more about how to play. corner kick bet.

 corner kick bet Although simple but very attractive, players should not ignore it, especially when you participate in soccer betting Hi88.

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