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DAYA: Enhancing Your Brand and Providing Technical Assistance as a Shower Tray Manufacturer

DAYA, a well-known producer of made to measure shower trays, goes beyond the scope of product manufacturing. They understand the importance of branding and providing technical support to their valued clients. This article explores how DAYA enhances brand recognition and visibility through their extensive branding services. Additionally, we will examine how their technical assistance, which includes personalized installation manuals and design support, ensures a smooth experience for both their clients and their customers.

Branding Service: Promoting Brand Popularity and Visibility

DAYA recognizes the importance of brand recognition in today’s competitive market. To help their clients distinguish themselves, they offer exceptional branding services for made-to-measure shower trays. Their expertise includes laser-engraving logos on shower tray covers, enabling clients to prominently display their brand identity. This service not only boosts brand popularity but also adds an element of sophistication and professionalism to the product. Additionally, they provide the option of printing customer-required information and brand logos on product and accessory cartons. By showcasing the client’s brand identity on the packaging, DAYA ensures that every interaction with the product reinforces brand visibility and recognition

Technical Assistance: Customized Installation Manuals and Design Support

DAYA understands the importance of providing reliable technical assistance to their clients. They offer customized installation manuals to cater to specific customer demands. Their creative design department collaborates closely with clients to edit installation manuals, ensuring they align perfectly with their requirements. Additionally, they provide existing templates of installation manuals for clients to choose from, saving time and effort in manual creation. With clear instructions and comprehensive support, DAYA ensures that the installation process is seamless and hassle-free for both their clients and their customers.


DAYA stands out as a comprehensive manufacturer of made-to-measure shower trays, thanks to their dedication to enhancing brand visibility and providing technical assistance. Their branding services, which include laser-engraving logos and printing brand information on packaging, help their clients promote brand popularity and visibility. Additionally, their technical assistance, including customized installation manuals and design support, ensures a seamless experience for clients and their customers. By choosing DAYA as your made-to-measure shower tray manufacturer, you can confidently elevate your brand and receive exceptional support throughout the process. This will set you apart in the market and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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