Details of cockfighting promotion 10% bonus for new members

Promotion cockfight new member bonus 10% Okay New88 Applicable and only for 1,000 luckiest recruits. After successfully registering an account, players should contact our customer service department for more information about the promotion. Together New88 Learn more through the article below.

Details of cockfighting promotion 10% new member bonus

Before participating in the 10% rookie bonus cockfighting promotion, you need to read and understand some detailed information as follows:

  • We offer promotions cockfight new member bonus 10% for 1,000 lucky new members and take part in the first offer.
  • Each member is valid at the house New88 You can only participate in this promotion once.
  • The bookmaker applies incentives starting from 00:00:00, November 1, 2023 (GMT+8) to 23:59:59, November 30, 2023 (GMT+8).
  • As soon as the player completes the transfer transaction, we will quickly add the bonus to the provider’s wallet.

Instructions on how to receive the 10% rookie cockfighting promotion

To receive a 10% cockfighting bonus for new members, players should follow the steps we guide as follows:

  • Step 1: Players complete the steps of Registering and Login to the main interface of the house New88.
  • Step 2: On the official interface of the house, select Money Transfer and enter the amount to transfer from the main wallet to the provider’s wallet. Note, the minimum transfer amount is from 250 VND.
  • Step 3: In the Promotion Code section, click on “WELCOME COCKFIGHT 10%”. Finally select Submit, wait for the system to verify and add rewards to your account as soon as possible.

Bonus from cockfighting promotion new member bonus 10%

New88 giving players attractive bonuses, up to 1,888 VND when participating in the promotion cockfight new member bonus 10%. Specifically:

Supplier Minimum deposit % Bonus Maximum bonus Betting Round
Game chicken 250 VND 10% 1,888 VND X10

Accordingly, players who only need to deposit a minimum of 250 VND will have the opportunity to win 10% of the value, with a maximum bonus of up to 1,888 VND. In addition, before making a withdrawal transaction, new players need to complete at least 10 valid betting rounds.

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Terms and conditions of cockfighting promotion 10% rookie bonus

Promotion cockfight new member bonus 10% stipulates content related to mandatory terms and conditions that players need to comply with, including:

Members need to read and comply with the terms and conditions New88 regulations

  • Before transferring funds to the main wallet or withdrawing money, members need to achieve betting turnover according to the house’s regulations. Revenue is calculated as {Deposit + Bonus} x {Betting Round}.
  • Before you complete your bet turnover or lose all the money in your wallet, we will lock your account wallet. In case the system does not automatically unlock, please contact customer service for support.
  • New88 specifies the specific promotion participation period and we reserve the right to change any content or requirements included in the promotion without notice.
  • This promotion does not apply in general, and does not combine revenue with any other promotions at New88.
  • Required betting turnover needs to be completed within 30 days. If at the end of 30 days you have not completed it, the system will automatically cancel the bonus + winnings, if any.
  • The house only calculates promotional bet revenue for win/loss bets, does not apply to canceled bets, draw bets, or both-way bets.
  • Each ID and IP address can only participate in the promotion once. In case the player intentionally violates the terms and conditions, cheats, cross bets, or professional group bets, the bonus + winnings will be immediately revoked, or worse, the account will be permanently locked without prior notice.
  • VND currency is converted to 1000 VND, for example 100 VND = 100,000 VND.
  • Members participating in the promotion must accept and comply with the terms and conditions New88 https://new88today.com/
  • New88 General terms and conditions apply throughout the reward process.


Above is information about promotions cockfight new member bonus 10% that you need to understand. Complying with the terms and conditions is the factor that helps you receive rewards from the system quickly, transparently and safely.

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