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Elevate Your Lighting Experience with Light Sky’s Waterproof Outdoor LED Spotlights

Light Sky introduces its remarkable range of waterproof outdoor LED spotlights, including the powerful Super Shark Beam. These high-performance moving head lights are designed to deliver stunning illumination for large-scale commercial performances, such as music festivals and cultural tourism events. With features like advanced lenses, CMY infinite color mixing, and IP66-level waterproofing, Light Sky’s waterproof outdoor LED spotlights provide exceptional lighting solutions.

Advanced Lens and Powerful Beam

Light Sky’s waterproof outdoor LED spotlights, like the Super Shark Beam series, are equipped with high-definition and precision optical front lenses. These lenses ensure excellent clarity and precision in beam projection. With a diameter of 252mm, the Super Shark Beam produces a strong and sharp beam that illuminates your outdoor space with brilliance and impact.

Immersive Effects and Control

Light Sky’s Super Shark Beam spotlights offer a variety of immersive effects to elevate your lighting design. The fixtures come with an 8-facet prism and 24-facet prism, which can rotate in both directions and be superimposed to create mesmerizing visual effects. Additionally, features like independent frost effects, linear dimming from 0 to 100%, electronic pulse strobe, random strobe, and motorized focus allow you to add depth and dynamism to your lighting compositions. The fixtures can be controlled using the DMX-512 and RDM protocols, providing seamless integration into your lighting system. The OLED screen and user-friendly interface make programming and control a breeze.

Reliable Construction and Intelligent Features

Light Sky’s waterproof outdoor LED spotlights are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. The fixtures feature intelligent temperature control mechanisms that help extend the lifespan of the lamps, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over time. The pan/tilt movement offers a wide range of motion, with 540 degrees of pan and 270 degrees of tilt, providing flexibility in directing the light beams.


Light Sky’s waterproof outdoor LED spotlights, exemplified by the Super Shark Beam series, provide a revolutionary lighting solution for outdoor performances. With advanced lenses, powerful beams, stunning color mixing capabilities, and high-level waterproofing, these fixtures enable you to create captivating lighting experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you’re organizing a music festival or a cultural tourism performance, Light Sky’s waterproof outdoor LED spotlights are the perfect choice for elevating your outdoor lighting design.

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