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Empowering Electric Mobility: Luobinsen’s WallBox DC Charger

In the realm of electric vehicle (EV) charging, Luobinsen‘s WallBox DC Charger stands out as a powerful and versatile solution, redefining the landscape of Level 3 EV chargers. Specifically designed as a Wall-Box Charger, this innovation is tailored for workplaces, parking lots, fleets, and public charging stations, offering a compelling blend of efficiency, style, and revenue generation.

Key Features of the WallBox DC Charger:

Modular Design: Luobinsen’s WallBox DC Charger boasts a modular design, providing a scalable and adaptable solution for a variety of charging scenarios. This design flexibility allows for seamless integration into diverse environments, meeting the unique needs of different charging locations.

Wide Voltage Range: With a wide voltage range spanning from 200V to 1000V, this DC charger caters to a broad spectrum of electric vehicles, ensuring compatibility with various models and charging requirements. The versatility of the voltage range enhances the accessibility of the charging infrastructure.

A 15.6” touchscreen Interface: The WallBox DC Charger is equipped with a user-friendly 15.6” touchscreen interface, enhancing the overall charging experience. The intuitive interface not only facilitates easy operation for users but also contributes to the modern and sophisticated design of the charging station.

Max Outputs and Connector Support: Delivering a maximum output of 30kW and 40kW, the WallBox Charger provides high-powered charging for EVs, catering to both standard and high-capacity battery systems. Additionally, it supports multiple connector types, including CCS1, CCS2, and GBT, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles.

Advertising Revenue: Beyond its primary function of charging electric vehicles, Luobinsen’s WallBox DC Charger offers an opportunity for extra advertising revenue. The inclusion of advertising space on the charger creates a dual-purpose infrastructure, benefitting both charging service providers and advertisers.


Luobinsen’s WallBox DC Charger represents a significant stride in the evolution of EV charging infrastructure. By combining efficiency, style, and revenue generation, this charger contributes to the seamless integration of electric mobility into diverse environments. Elevate your charging experience with Luobinsen’s WallBox DC Charger, embracing a future where electric vehicles thrive in a smart and interconnected charging ecosystem.

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