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Future of Automation: ForwardX Industrial AMRs

The logistics industry and the warehousing industry are looking forward to efficiency improvements. The trend of the future undoubtedly belongs to automation. Today, many companies are achieving efficiency gains with the help of ForwardX Robotics, which provides AMR-based automation solutions to build sustainable and robust automated supply chains or warehousing systems, deepening the digitalization and automation of industry.

Flexible automation solutions

ForwardX’s intelligent logistics solutions are based on flexible AMRs, which are very flexible to deploy, as no significant environmental changes are required to deploy ForwardX’s automation solutions. Such a deployment solution allows companies to adjust automation resources to accommodate changes in order volumes flexibly.

Multi-role-player: ForwardX AMRs

ForwardX’s AMRs are equipped with sophisticated, intelligent navigation technology that fundamentally change the underlying logic of how robots move, allowing them to play multiple roles in automated warehouses by autonomously planning optimal paths, avoiding obstacles, and avoiding congestion.

ForwardX’s research in machine vision capabilities has contributed a lot to the merits of its AMRs. Today, robot vision is becoming a dominant source of robot sensing signals. ForwardX AMRs can autonomously identify and adapt to their environment through machine vision and are, therefore, more flexible and able to integrate more quickly and smoothly into the existing production systems of logistics platforms.


AMRs are currently in a growth bonus period, and ForwardX’s AMRs have outstanding advantages to contribute to the efficiency improvement of companies. Visit ForwardX’s website for more details.

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