How technology and the industry of jewellery collide?

In recent years, technology has made a huge impact on the world. How we design cars, market businesses, and make clothes has all changed. The technology that we have today has made all of these things possible. Even how we consume news has changed from 50 years ago.

Technology has also affected the jewelry industry. It is taking longer to adapt because of the beauty and craftsmanship inherent in natural jewelry pieces. These are some of the things that technology is bringing to the jewelry industry.


Technology has made shopping easier. Because it’s easier, many people shop online. It’s easy to search for a product online, and then purchase it from your home. Technology has advanced beyond the ability to purchase products online.

The shopping world can now project images onto your screen so that you can see how it looks. This is known as augmented reality, and it is something more and more jewellery companies are using every day. If you want to see how a vintage engagement rings looks on your hand, for example. To see the look of a vintage engagement ring, you can hold your smartphone over your hand. Many jewelry and fashion brands have incorporated augmented reality into their websites. It is no longer necessary to visit jewelry shops.

3D Printers

3D printers are a technology that has been around for some time. 3D printers are relatively new in the jewelry industry. Print jewellery is not something that everyone would want to purchase. Some people don’t mind that printed jewelry doesn’t have the natural elements of mined materials.

Printing jewellery for your business has many advantages. Printing jewelry for a business is quicker than traditional methods of making it. If something goes wrong, the jewellery can also be easily repaired. Forged casting is used to create jewellery in gold, silver or copper.

Printing 3D jewellery is easy. The buyer can choose the material and stones they prefer. The labor savings are another benefit. The buyer has the ability to monitor every step.

3D Printed Technology

This is the entire process of 3D printing jewellery. First, the digital file is created by the software used in CAD/CAM for jewellery business. This digital file eliminates human errors in jewellery design. After the jewellery has been printed by the 3D printer, the thermoplastic mold is used to create the jewelry.

After the mold has been completed, the customer can pour the chosen metal into the mold. After the metal has cooled and set, the gemstone will be added. This is a similar process to a build-a bear workshop, but with jewellery. A jewellery business can save a lot of labor and make a much larger profit margin.

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To Conclude

The jewellery industry has seen a huge impact from jewellery. There are many jewel brands that aren’t using technology to its full potential. These new trends could help jewellery businesses save significant money.

Many people feel that it is better to see jewellery in person than through a computer screen. This could change as more jewel businesses use this technology.

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