How to Clone Windows 11 from USB This is Your Guide

It’s a smart idea to copy your Windows 11 operating system to a USB drive if you have Windows 11. Why? It’s quite simple. If your current Windows 11 installation fails or you wish to use your account from another computer, you can plug in the USB that has a copy of your computer and use it.

The question now is how can you clone an operating system from a USB drive. You may feel panicked, and while it is obvious that a creative bootable drive might seem complicated for someone new, it really only takes a few clicks.

This is today’s post. This guide will show you how to clone Windows 11 to USB. You can then boot it from your computer. To prepare the perfect Windows 11 bootable USB, follow all these steps.

Can I copy Windows 11 to a USB? Yes!

Many people ask if they can copy Windows 11 to a USB. Yes! It is possible to copy Windows 11 to any USB with enough space. You can clone Windows 11 to any USB with enough space using Microsoft’s media creator, CMD command line utility, PowerShell and other third-party tools. EaseUSTodo backup is one such tool. It is powerful and has many features. This article will show you how to copy Windows 11 onto a USB with EaseUS Backup. Continue reading to learn more.

How do I clone Windows 11 to USB?

This guide will show you how to clone Windows onto USB and make it bootable from any computer. These steps are essential. We’ll continue to provide more information.


You must first prepare a USB flash drive with enough space. You must make sure that the USB drive is larger than the C drive. Go to:

File Explorer>> System Drive (C. Drive) > Properties> General> Used Space

Third, init the USB drive to GPT. Windows 11 will require that the computer boot in UEFI mode. Therefore, the partition type should be GPT. Connect the USB drive you want to use to initialize your computer.


This part will show you how to use EaseUS Todo backup to clone Windows 11. Click the button below to download EaseUS Todo backup and then install it.

Follow the steps to clone your OS.

USB requirements:

1 Determine how much space is needed for the system C drive. Let’s say that there is 40GB. Prepare a USB drive that is qualified. It must have a maximum capacity of 40GB.

2. Should you use an old or empty USB drive? You must ensure that all data is transferred safely as the system clone can overwrite it completely.

3. Connect the USB drive to your computer and ensure that Windows recognizes it.

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