Larnaca: the best tourist places in the city

Larnaca is a picturesque city located in the southeast of Cyprus and is one of the three largest cities in the country. It has everything for an interesting and unforgettable vacation: sunny beaches, ancient architecture, diverse entertainment, colorful landscapes, and delicious food.

If you are planning a trip to Larnaca, a list of the best tourist attractions in this remarkable city will help you.

  • The old town of Larnaca is a district of the city where most of the historical landmarks are located. Here you can not only admire ancient architecture but also stroll along narrow streets, visit interesting museums and galleries, spend an evening in an exquisite restaurant or simply enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea and Larnaca port.
  • The Church of Saint Lazarus, built in the 9th century, is one of the main landmarks of Larnaca. It is located in the very center of the city, so it is very easy to find. The church is named after Saint Lazarus, whose relics are kept here. But don’t limit yourself to admiring the beautiful architecture from the outside: be sure to go inside to enjoy the amazing interior of this ancient church.
  • The Saint Lazarus Museum is definitely worth a visit if you have decided to visit the aforementioned church. The museum has an interesting exhibition that allows you to learn more about the life of Saint Lazarus, local customs, and the history of Larnaca, as this city is one of the oldest on the entire island of Cyprus.
  • The Salt Lake. If you love unusual and beautiful locations, add Salt Lake to your list. It is located 3 km from the city, so the best way to visit this place is to use a car rental in Larnaca. Rich in minerals and salts, the lake dries up in the summer, forming a beautiful layer of salt on the bottom, while in the winter, the pond is filled with pink flamingos migrating from Europe and Asia.
  • The Kamares Aqueduct. In ancient times, aqueducts were indispensable water arteries of ancient cities, and now the Kamares Aqueduct is a colorful landmark of Larnaca. This aqueduct is almost 300 years old. It is a long wall, stretching for 10 km, with arches and a channel, so lovers of unusual architecture will definitely appreciate Kamares.
  • Finikoudes Park is a great place for leisurely walks and admiring beautiful views. The park is located next to the eponymous beach with a colorful promenade, and on its territory, you can not only take a walk but also visit restaurants and cafes with delicious local cuisine.

The village of Lefkara is located 30-40 minutes’ drive from Larnaca. Since buses between cities run infrequently here and end their routes early, cars in Larnaca can be rented on the website of a car rental service and you can go there at any convenient time. It’s an amazing village located on the slopes of the Troodos mountain range, with unique ancient architecture and many authentic workshops.

Things to do in Larnaca

Larnaca is not only a historical but also a tourist city. If you enjoy variety, you won’t be bored in Larnaca: there are entertainments to suit every taste.


Larnaca is located on the picturesque coast of the Mediterranean Sea, so there are many beautiful beaches that stretch along the entire eastern part of the city. Finikoudes, Kastello, and Mackenzie are some of the most popular locations among both tourists and locals. The water here is crystal clear, the beaches are covered with warm sand, and there is a promenade with pedestrian and bicycle paths, local restaurants, and excellent locations for bright and beautiful photographs.

Historical landmarks

Larnaca is one of the oldest cities in Cyprus, so there are plenty of landmarks with a rich and exciting history here. Be sure to visit the Church of St. Lazarus, the Kition Theater, the ruins of the amphitheater, Larnaca Castle, the Byzantine Church of Angeloktisti, the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, and the Larnaca Archaeological Museum.

Cultural events

Despite the atmosphere of antiquity and even a certain sacralness that prevails in Larnaca, life here is constantly buzzing. Every year, many cultural events take place in this city, which attract tourists from all over the world. Art festivals, fairs, exhibitions, concerts – you will definitely find an event to your liking here and have a great time!


If you are a fan of extreme sports, in Larnaca you will have the opportunity to discover something new and experience an unforgettable rush of emotions! Try yourself in paragliding, mountaineering, surfing, diving, or other thrilling sports. Additionally, Larnaca is home to the “Fantasy” amusement park with extreme roller coasters and fun attractions for both children and adults.

Shopping and souvenirs

The best way to keep memories of a bright journey is to bring something meaningful with you. There is everything you need for a rich shopping experience in the center of Larnaca: shops with jewelry, souvenirs, clothes, and shoes. If you don’t find what you were looking for, visit the “Golden Gates” shopping center, which offers a huge assortment of goods for every taste.

Local cuisine

For lovers of culinary tours, Larnaca is a true paradise. The local Cypriot cuisine is very colorful, and the number of atmospheric cafes and restaurants is simply overwhelming. Seafood to suit any taste, galaktoboureko, keftedes, meze – this is only a small part of what you should definitely try in Larnaca’s establishments.


At night, life in Larnaca does not stop. You can visit one of the many clubs or bars to have a great time, dance at the disco, and simply have fun. If you can’t decide on a choice, head to the “Mad” club. This is one of the most popular places, which is famous for its large dance floor and lively DJ programs.

How to have a budget holiday in Larnaca

As a rule, a bright, high-quality, and unforgettable vacation can be expensive. Prices in Larnaca can indeed bite, but only if you don’t know about effective ways to save. To have a budget-friendly vacation in Larnaca and still indulge in all the pleasures, follow a few simple tips.

Choose the right season

Choose the right time for your trip to avoid ending up in Larnaca during the high season. It lasts from December to March, during which the cost of accommodation, entertainment, and all services significantly increases. If you are not prepared to spend more, choose a less popular season. Plan your trip to Cyprus in November or, for example, in March.

Look for budget accommodation

It is obvious that a luxurious hotel in Larnaca will be expensive, so you should consider alternative options when choosing accommodation. Hostels and guesthouses in Larnaca are quite comfortable, and the quality of service there sometimes even rivals expensive hotels, so you can confidently choose such an option for your stay.

Rent a car

Using public transportation is inconvenient, and taxi services in Larnaca are quite expensive. Therefore, if you want to visit as many sights as possible without extra expenses, use the most advantageous option. Car rental in Larnaca is well developed, so feel free to contact local services. Cars in Larnaca can be rented on the website. This way, you will save time, choose the necessary car model online, pick it up from a convenient location for you, and spend much less money than if you were traveling by taxi.

Visit local cafes and restaurants

The pricing policies at establishments in Larnaca can vary greatly. Here, you can find both tourist restaurants with sky-high prices, as well as local cafes and eateries for locals where prices for food and drinks are much lower. Additionally, in such authentic establishments, you can find many delicious and interesting local dishes based on old recipes.

Plan your sightseeing

It is worth finding out in advance how much it costs to visit various sights in Larnaca. Fortunately, there are many places here that either do not require any expenses or are quite cheap. Include in your plan a visit to temples, museums, and other locations that will give you an idea of the local culture and history.

Choose group travel

If you want to save money, traveling with friends can help you share some of the costs. For example, you can contact car rental in Larnaca to rent a car or scooters for the whole group. So renting will be even more profitable, especially since it will help you move around the city and its environs much faster and more conveniently. The same goes for housing as joint rent will cost much less.

Larnaca is an amazing place with stunning nature, beautiful beaches, centuries-old landmarks, delicious cuisine, and fun entertainment. If you follow these tips, you can make your stay in Larnaca as comfortable and unforgettable as possible, even without huge expenses.

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