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Polybutylene Succinate (PBS): A Sustainable Solution for Packaging

Polybutylene succinate (PBS) is a remarkable biodegradable and renewable polymer that has gained recognition as an eco-friendly alternative in the packaging industry.  With its favorable properties and versatility, PBS offers numerous benefits while reducing the environmental impact of traditional plastics. One leading manufacturer at the forefront of PBS production is Hengli, pioneering innovative solutions and setting new standards in sustainable packaging.

Polybutylene Succinate (PBS): A Sustainable Solution for Packaging

A brief introduction of Polybutylene succinate

As a biodegradable polymer, polybutylene succinate breaks down naturally over time, reducing waste accumulation and landfill pollution. This characteristic makes PBS an ideal choice for environmentally conscious packaging solutions. Unlike conventional plastics, PBS can be composted, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.  Hengli, with its commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices, specializes in the production of high-quality PBS for various packaging applications.

Excellent advanced production technology

Hengli’s advanced production techniques ensure the exceptional quality of their polybutylene succinate. From raw material sourcing to the final product, every step is carefully controlled to maintain consistency and reliability. Their cutting-edge facilities and dedication to technological advancements enable Hengli to deliver PBS with superior properties, ensuring it meets the demanding requirements of the packaging industry. By choosing Hengli’s PBS, manufacturers and designers can create packaging solutions that combine sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

Wonderful product performance

In addition to its environmental benefits, polybutylene succinate also offers excellent performance in packaging applications. Its inherent flexibility, durability, and thermal stability make it suitable for a wide range of packaging formats, including films, containers, and trays. With Hengli’s expertise in PBS production, customers can explore innovative designs and customize packaging solutions to meet their specific needs.


As the world increasingly embraces sustainable practices, polybutylene succinate emerges as a game-changer in the packaging industry. By leveraging the expertise and commitment of manufacturers like Hengli, the widespread adoption of PBS can help minimize the ecological footprint of packaging materials. With its biodegradability, versatility, and Hengli’s dedication to quality, polybutylene succinate provides a way forward towards a more sustainable future in packaging.

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