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The Top 10 Internet Providers In London

The internet is a blessing to all of us in the modern age. London is a popular city. In this blog, we will be looking at the top ten internet providers in London. Many businesses have their headquarters in London, and the internet is one of the main ways to keep things running smoothly in this city. This blog lists the top internet providers in London and allows you to choose the right provider for your needs based on price.

Internet Providers London

1. USwitch

uSwitch, one of the most well-known internet provider price comparison websites in London, is uSwitch. Founded in 2000, uSwitch Limited provides a UK-based price comparator service. This website is available to you.

It is possible to compare prices for almost all types of communication services, personal finance, insurance and many other items. Although this website is not an Internet service provider site, it offers comparison services that enable consumers to choose the best according to their needs.

2. Broadband Genie

Broadband Genie, one of the price comparison websites for internet providers in London, was founded in 2004. It is headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom. This website is available to you.

Compare the prices of different providers such as Vodafone, BT and Sky, Virgin Media, Plusnet and many others. Similar to USwitch, it allows users to compare prices and choose the best provider.

3. Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic, one of London’s best internet providers, was founded by Boris Ivanovic (CEO) and Dana Tobak (Managing Director).

Hyperoptic was founded with the sole purpose of providing fiber optic internet service to all users in the UK. Quantum Strategic Partners Ltd, a private investor vehicle, invested PS50 million in Hyperoptic as of May 2013. Hyperoptic provides unlimited broadband internet starting at PS15 per month.

4. Cable

Cable, an internet provider comparison website for the UK, was established ten years ago by Paul France. Cable was founded initially by three people who were focused on delivering users.

You can compare broadband services and make a decision by having all the information you need. They are a small group of highly skilled individuals who work seamlessly to provide the correct information.

5. Community Fibre

Community Fibre is a popular internet provider in London. Unlimited broadband throughout the UK is available starting at PS20 per month. Community Fibre is only available in 23 London Boroughs.

Community Fibre offers additional options such as TV streaming and Home phone calls. Switching from another network is easy. All you have to do is check if Community Fibre is available in the postal code.

6. Zen

Zen Internet, one of the most popular internet service providers, was established in 1995. Richard Tang, who is not the Chairman or Managing Director of Zen, founded this company.

Zen began its internet services in Rochdale, offering internet access to small businesses as well as schools. They have since expanded their services to become one of London’s top internet providers, offering the best prices.

7. Plusnet

Plusnet, an internet service provider, offers many services such as broadband, landline and IPTVTV. It was established in 1996 in Sheffield. Later in 2004, this became a public limited company.

Plusnet was acquired by BT Group. However, it is still a separate entity. It currently has over 750000 customers in the UK as of 2013.

8. Sky

Sky Broadband is a popular internet service provider. Sky broadband was established in 2006. Most people will recognize this brand.

Many new technologies were introduced, including Sky Fibre and ADSL broadband products. They offer superfast internet starting at PS28 per month, and they still have flexible packages to support residential and individual users.

9. Broadband Check

Broadband Check UK does not provide internet service, but is a comparison site where anyone can compare price ranges and network provider availability for their local postal code.

This website allows anyone to check the availability and pricing of internet services in London. The best deals are available from some of the UK’s biggest suppliers, such as Virgin Media, BT and Plusnet, EE NOW Broadband (Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone), etc.

10. Luminet

Luminet, an internet provider, offers connections to large businesses and commercial buildings. Their clients are from many commercial areas and they all have large giants.

The main purpose of Luminet was to provide London Businesses with high-speed consistent data at no interruption. They offer gigabit connectivity to their clients and London businesses. A good customer service team is available to help with any issue quickly. Luminet is the right choice for London business owners looking to enjoy the internet.

You can compare the speeds and prices of the internet providers listed above if you’re a London resident, business owner or student.

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