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Wellead Medical’s ClearPetra® Family: Advanced Access Sheath System for Effective Urinary Stone Treatment

Wellead Medical proudly presents the ClearPetra® Family, a cutting-edge access sheath system designed for the efficient and effective treatment of urinary stones. The ClearPetra System utilizes Negative Pressure Aspiration through an oblique side port on the ClearPetra sheath, providing healthcare professionals with a reliable and innovative solution for continuous flow lithotripsy. In this article, we will explore the key features of Wellead Medical’s ClearPetra® Family, emphasizing its advanced technology and the benefits it offers to businesses in the healthcare industry.

Negative Pressure Aspiration Technology

The ClearPetra® Family from Wellead Medical incorporates Negative Pressure Aspiration technology, which enhances the effectiveness of urinary stone treatment. The system utilizes an oblique side port on the ClearPetra sheath to facilitate efficient aspiration of stone fragments during continuous flow lithotripsy procedures. This technology ensures optimal stone clearance and minimizes the risk of stone migration, improving overall treatment outcomes.

Reliable Access Sheath Design
Wellead Medical access sheath provides reliable access to the urinary tract during stone treatment procedures. The access sheath is designed to ensure smooth insertion, minimize trauma to the urinary tract, and optimize continuous flow lithotripsy efficiency. With Wellead Medical’s access sheath, healthcare professionals can confidently perform urinary stone treatments with precision and effectiveness.

Enhanced Efficiency and Patient Care
The ClearPetra® Family offers healthcare professionals an advanced solution for urinary stone treatment, enabling efficient and effective procedures. By incorporating Negative Pressure Aspiration technology, Wellead Medical’s ClearPetra System optimizes stone clearance, reduces procedure time, and enhances patient comfort. This advanced access sheath system supports healthcare professionals in delivering superior patient care and achieving successful treatment outcomes.


Wellead Medical’s ClearPetra® Family provides healthcare professionals with an advanced access sheath system for efficient and effective urinary stone treatment. With its innovative Negative Pressure Aspiration technology and reliable access sheath design, Wellead Medical ensures optimal stone clearance and improved treatment outcomes.

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