Five Sex Positions that Will Make You Feel Longer

Are you wishing you could stay longer in bed? Do you find it difficult to finish too fast? This blog post is for YOU! This post will cover 5 sex positions that can prolong your pleasure. HotDose has helped us to compile the top five sex poses that will please you and make you last longer.

Position 1 : The Cross

Position The Cross is a great way for you to spice up your sex lives. It not only gives you a great view of your partner, but also allows deep penetration.

Your partner should be lying on their back, with their legs extended wide apart. Next, you will need to place yourself between their legs so that they can see your back. Then, slowly lower yourself onto them. Once you have positioned yourself, you can begin to push deeply and enjoy the view of your partner as you do this.

Your partner may want to touch your breasts and play with your clitoris as soon as they start to feel more awake. The Cross is an excellent way to get deep penetration. It also gives you a great view of your partner’s entire body making it one of our most popular positions.

Position 2 – The Lazy Dog

Because it allows both of you to enjoy and relax, the Lazy Dog position is one of our favorite sex positions. Both partners have ample time to explore their bodies in this position.

The Lazy Dog requires that the woman lie on her back, with her legs spread apart. The man lies on top of the woman, his legs apart. Both partners have a lot of movement freedom, and can try different strokes or speeds.

The Lazy Dog’s position is ideal for stimulating G-spots. You can even use your hands to stimulate the female’s clitoris. This can result in some incredible orgasms. The Lazy Dog is a great option for those who want a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Position 3 – Woman on Top

The woman on top is one of the most attractive and attractive sex positions. This position allows the woman to be in control of her penetration speed and depth.

This position also provides G-spot stimulation to her partner. About two to three inches in the innermost part of the vagina’s front wall is the G-spot. In intense pleasure, the penis or dildo can rub against this area in an aggressive come hither motion. This is the key to having sex with your partner.

It’s a wonderful way to have fun with your partner and to be the one who dominates the bedroom. You and your partner will be grateful that you are taking control.

Position 4 – Sit on the Throne

Enjoy the view from the throne! This position is very enjoyable and offers both partners great views.

Sit on the Throne is a position where the man sits on a stool or chair with his feet apart and the woman wraps her legs around him while leaning against his chest. Both partners can see one another while still allowing for deep penetration.

It’s also great for reaching those sweet spots G-spot or A-spot. You can make it even more fun by adding some clitoral stimulation to your fingers or using a vibrator. In no time you’ll be asking for mercy!

Position 5 – Grinding Missionary

Because it provides high levels of clitoral stimulation, the Grinding Missionary is one among the most fun sex positions. This is a great option for women who have difficulty having an orgasmic experience through traditional methods.

The position allows for intimacy and both partners can remain in close physical contact. The Grinding Missionary is performed by the woman lying on her back, with her legs extended and her hips pointing forward. The man kneels down over her and then enters from behind. As soon as he’s inside, he should start to grind against her clitoris while he pushes forward.

A vibrator can make this position even more enjoyable. The vibrator will give the woman additional stimulation, increasing her chances of having an orgasmic moment.

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