Supplier of AEDs with Advanced Technology: Mindray AED

A thrilling race against time typically characterizes cardiopulmonary resuscitation. With each additional minute of delay, the patient’s chance of survival decreases; after 10 minutes, the patient’s chance of brain death rises noticeably; at this point, the hope of saving the patients is strongly correlated with the rescue time. Permanent brain cell damage occurs when a cardiac arrest lasts longer than 4 minutes. The fight against cardiac arrest depends on high-quality AEDs, like those made by Mindray, a famous AED for workplace manufacturers. Look at the specifics; they operate well and offer straightforward operating instructions.

Advantages of using an AED in first assistance for cardiac arrest

The AED can be used by non-healthcare professionals, such as the patient’s friends, coworkers, and even bystanders, to diagnose specific arrhythmias and provide electric shock defibrillation to save people from cardiac arrest. After AED defibrillation plus compression CPR, the patient’s resuscitation success rate can be increased to 53.5%, which is three times higher than when CPR is used alone.

What makes Mindray AED so special?

Mindray‘s research and development are always being improved to improve the performance of its goods. The leading manufacturer of medical devices worldwide is Mindray. Mindray’s AED can save a life in just two seconds after activation, five seconds for heart rate analysis, and no additional cost for the initial defibrillation.

For additional information about Mindray’s AED, go to their website.

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