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Introducing DAYA’s Angled Shower Tray Series FP Packaging:

Transforming your shower experience starts with the right elements, and DAYA‘s angled shower tray Series FP offers not just innovation in design but also meticulous attention to the packaging process. Let’s take a closer look at the steps DAYA undertakes to ensure your shower tray arrives in pristine condition.

Step 1: Quality Inspection and Preparation

Before packaging, DAYA’s trays go through rigorous quality checks by their dedicated QC department. Only after meeting stringent criteria, the trays are cleaned and prepared for the packaging phase.

Step 2: Carefully Layered Protection

Protection is key during transit. The tray receives meticulous attention—first encased in a protective PP bag, then surrounded by EPE for added cushioning. The cover is separately packaged in a small cardboard box, securely taped onto the drainer part or packed with the drainer for enhanced safety.

Step 3: Secure Carton Packaging

DAYA ensures a snug fit within a standard carton, sealed tightly with adhesive tape to prevent any potential damage during handling and transportation. Flexibility is a priority, as DAYA caters to individual client packaging requirements.

Step 4: Sturdy Exterior Packing

The final touch involves reinforcing the packaging with a plywood pallet. Compliant with shipping regulations, this pallet requires no fumigation. The shower trays are secured using PP straps and wrapped with protective film to prevent any shifting or damage.

Conclusion: Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way

DAYA’s angled shower tray Series FP not only embodies innovation in design but also reflects their commitment to ensuring the product reaches customers in pristine condition. From stringent quality checks to tailored packaging solutions, DAYA prioritizes the protection of your investment, promising a superior shower experience from start to finish. With DAYA’s meticulous packaging process, your angled shower tray Series FP arrives not just as a product but as an assurance of quality and excellence for your bathroom upgrade.

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