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Maximize Vehicle Cargo Capacity with NewStar’s Premium OEM Roof Rack

NewStar introduces a groundbreaking solution to amplify vehicle cargo capacity with their premium OEM Roof Rack. As a renowned OEM Roof Rack manufacturer serving businesses such as Amazon sellers, brand merchants, and hardware stores, NewStar understands the importance of delivering top-quality, dependable products to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.

Ample Storage Capability

The premium OEM Roof Rack from NewStar is engineered to offer expansive storage capability, accommodating a wide range of cargo. With generous dimensions, it provides abundant space for transporting camping supplies, luggage, hunting and fishing gear, and more. Bid farewell to cramped vehicle interiors and welcome the freedom of effortlessly transporting all essentials.

Robust Construction and Enhanced Security

Crafted with robust materials and finished with a sleek coating, NewStar’s OEM Roof Rack not only enhances the aesthetics of vehicles but also ensures enduring durability.   Equipped with sturdy bars and rails, it delivers added security to safeguard items during travel. Additionally, integrated features provide protection from wind damage and reduce wind resistance, ensuring a smooth and noise-free ride.

Hassle-Free Installation and Versatility

Installing the premium OEM Roof Rack is a hassle-free endeavor, leveraging vehicle crossbars and mounting with universal bolts. It accommodates a variety of crossbar sizes, guaranteeing compatibility with a broad spectrum of vehicles. Its versatility renders it suitable for diverse applications, providing unparalleled convenience and adaptability for any excursion.


NewStar’s premium OEM Roof Rack stands as the quintessential solution for augmenting vehicle cargo capacity. With its ample storage capability, sturdy construction, and effortless installation, this roof rack delivers unparalleled convenience and versatility for an array of cargo requirements. Entrust NewStar as the go-to OEM roof rack manufacturer and elevate customers’ vehicle cargo experience to new heights.

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