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Optimizing Patient Care: Edan’s Portable Vital Signs Monitor iM3

Edan‘s iM3 Portable Vital Signs Monitor is equipped with an innovative Average BP Mode, specifically designed to eliminate false readings such as white coat hypertension. This mode automatically measures blood pressure multiple times within minutes, providing a more reliable and accurate reading. By offering a comprehensive assessment, the iM3 assists in distinguishing suspected cases and aids in diagnosis, particularly in cardiovascular screening and primary care settings, ensuring preciSE Series and effective patient management.

Adaptive Smart Light Technology: Edan’s iM3 Enhancing User Experience with 360° Smart Light

With its 360° Smart Light feature, the iM3 Portable Vital Signs Monitor adapts seamlessly to various applications, automatically switching functionality to meet specific monitoring needs. In monitoring mode, the smart light functions as an alarm light, providing instant indications on alarms, ensuring prompt attention to critical patient parameters. During spot checks, the light is turned off, leaving only screen indications for abnormal readings, minimizing patient concerns. Additionally, in standby mode, the smart light serves as a breathing light, facilitating quick wake-up while optimizing energy efficiency.

Versatile Add-On Modules: Edan’s iM3 Extending Application Capabilities

Edan’s iM3 Portable Vital Signs Monitor offers a range of optional add-on modules, allowing healthcare professionals to customize the monitor to suit specific clinical needs. With its versatile and adaptable design, the iM3 provides a comprehensive solution for various healthcare settings, ensuring that healthcare providers have access to the necessary tools for accurate patient assessment and efficient clinical management.


Edan’s commitment to technological advancement and user-centric design is evident in the iM3 Portable Vital Signs Monitor. By prioritizing accuracy, adaptability, and versatile functionality, Edan continues to set new standards for portable vital signs monitoring, empowering healthcare professionals with reliable tools for comprehensive patient care and management.

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